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    Is there anyone besides WebLink who provide raw streamed data for all stocks, including market depth and announcements preferably?

    Is there anyone who provides historical market depth data (big ask) not just tick data?

    I have emailed many on the ASX list but really no joy even for real time data.

    I like what WebLink have (BullSignal2) but its pretty pricey especially requiring a static IP.

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    Paritech have an API for their Pulse product that might do what you want. Hoewver, I haven't tried it.

    I believe IRESS also have some API functionality in their non-web product too.

    Perhaps you could report back here with your findings and costings.
    Cheers, Richard Dale
    Norgate Data

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    I went with WebLink (out of WebLink or WebLink) for tick data and real time...

    I don't have much to spend and I know anyone with a platform will want me to pay for it. I think Paritech are on the expensive side as are many others, and IRESS don't seem to have any prices - never a good thing!

    Now I'm left with the problem of turning 230 million trades into usable data - adjusted of course.

    You would think in this day n age I could just query something on the ASX site and find out that sort of thing without having to scrape.

    Don't tell me how difficult it is to process this data

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