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    Default Finding info on Aussie commodities

    Lately i've been reading Investing Online for Dummies Book

    There is plenty of websites, all American though.

    So, i notice that commodities can also give you a hint on where your stock might be heading.

    So where do i find daily updated information on Australian commodities, whether there going up or down, etc.

    Another question:

    Should i also look at US commodities(without making it sound like "advice" - Do YOU look at US commodities), due to some Australian company's may import there raw materials to produce there end product?

    Thank you


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    Default Re: Finding info on Aussie commodities

    Commodity's are mostly traded in the US and Europe and mostly in USD...commodity's often lead commodity specific stocks higher and lower...and sometimes the other way round.

    Down the bottom of this page is all the basic commodity's. http://www.news.com.au/business/markets

    For specific metal prices and charts http://www.lme.com/
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    Default Re: Finding info on Aussie commodities

    That's a good start, thanks for that

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    Default Re: Finding info on Aussie commodities

    On my travels around the Mid-West, I came across a map of "Major Resource Projects" in WA. Apparently, it can be obtained from the WA Department of Mines and Petroleum. In Sandstone, I got one for free; was told there is one map issued each year and I could order the newest one directly from the DMP.

    Some quick googling also brought up this publication:
    which, on pages 42 and 43, contains smaller maps.

    Another magazine worth looking into:
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    Default Re: Finding info on Aussie commodities

    In the weekend Australian, a magazine called Resource Rising Stars is supplied quarterly.
    No. 1 & 2 issues have been made available, with issue 3 out in a month or so.
    Both issues released covered NST.


    I am keeping them as collectors items. Do not know why!

    Each week a wrap is supplied if you want for free.(so far)!! on a few stocks covered.


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    Default Re: Finding info on Aussie commodities

    In today's weekend Australian is issue 3 of Resources Rising Stars.

    Stocks covered: NST, AZH, HCH, CHN/TSN:CXN, RXM, AGO, KRM, WRM, Oilex, EKA,
    CVYMGY, LOM and a couple of others.

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