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    I recently bought in on these shares. Anyone know much about this company?

    A bit of background from comsec;
    "AWH Corporation Limited (AWL) is a producer and marketer of wine with a portfolio of various brand names. The primary activities of AWL are the sourcing of grapes from its owned and leased vineyards, and third-party growers, the production of wine from these grapes, and the bottling, marketing and sale of this wine. The products produced by the company then distributed through third-party distributors."

    Proposed change of activities
    They have signed an agreement to acquire an advanced Uranium project in Turkey.
    "The Directors of AWH Corporation Limited (“AWH” or the “Company”) are pleased to announce that the
    Company has signed an agreement with Aldridge Uranium Inc (“Aldridge”) and other parties to conditionally
    acquire up to a 75% interest in an advanced uranium project (”the Project”) located in Turkey."

    Quoted from 5/3/2010 ASX announcement

    What does everyone think?

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    Quote Originally Posted by slinky View Post
    What does everyone think?
    Without looking at more than the info you have provided it looks like another small co that is more about making the directors money than the shareholders. They obviously are just changing focus in order to attract a new breed of punters and keep their nice six figure salaries rolling.

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