Has anybody managed to get Just Data's Bodhi Gold 5 working in Ubuntu, or Kubuntu using WINE?

It installs OK, but when I click on 'Catchup', a dialog pops up telling me that I have n days to go as a trial, or click and register it. It is a registered copy but I can't get it to accept and hold the rego number or even use it as a trial version. An error dialog then comes up telling me to contact Just data.

Needless to say, Just Data can't help so maybe one of the ASF gurus has been down this path.

I searched and found a 2006 thread where the poster said that Bodhi Gold installed OK in WINE and there were no problems, but Bodhi Gold has progressed down the upgrade highway since then and doesn't work...well it doesn't on my setup anyway!

More than likely missing DLL's that WINE doesn't provide, but I have no idea which ones.

Any thoughts?