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    I have available for sale intraday one minute bar charts of the SPI day session from 1st January 2007 to today. Approximately 1000 charts (one per trading day) that I can provide on CD and be viewed in "slide show" fashion with standard picture viewer software or any software that can read JPEG images.

    Basically I've created these over the years and use them to create and maintain my trading plan for when I day trade the SPI. For example;

    - most common time of day market changes trend, makes a high, makes a low
    - typical support / resistance price points
    - pattern recognition
    - day of week / end of month/quarter/rollover impact on SPI (shape)

    I'm interested if there is a market for this and what price people would be interested in paying (my thoughts were $200); it takes me about 12 hours to generate the files so there is effort involved - I'm only looking to cover costs. I could not find anything like this in the market place so I started doing this a while back, great way to hone your day trading skills and develop/test a plan.

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    IMO, it would be more usefull as raw data so that it could be imported into charting program of choice. A bunch of JPG snapshots for each day would have limited use I beleive.

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    We have data going back 15 years (plus) if anyone is desperate. lol

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    What time frame? minute? 5 minute? EOD?

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    I have 2 years of spi tick data (ending a week ago)which is in csv which I'm trying to convert to use in ninja trader.If anyone can assist I would be happy to share the data in exchange for converting it for me cause I'm a little short of time ATM. Or alternately explain the quickest way to convert.Please note exporting inot excel does not work initally due to too much data.
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