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    Miclyn Express Offshore (MIO) is a maritime service vessel operator that listed in 2010. The company has been operating since 1970 providing service vessels to the offshore oil and gas industry in South-East Asia, Australia, the Middle East, and the North Sea. The group chartered and planned to charter a total of 115 vessels in 2009. The fleet is composed of offshore support vessels and crew/utility vessels and barges that support particularly the offshore development, and production industry. The demand for services are directly correlated to the oil and gas market.

    Sector: Energy
    Shares on Issue: 271,700,000
    Current Market Capitalisation: $475,475,000
    Website: http://www.miclynexpressoffshore.com

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    Impressive website. Chart good.

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    On December 18th, 2013, Miclyn Express Offshore Limited (MIO) was removed from the ASX's official list pursuant to the amalgamation of the Company and Manta 2 Holdings Limited under the Companies Act 1981 of Bermuda.

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