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    Hi everyone.

    I have an opportunity to apply for shares in this IPO. Not a lot of information around to DYOR so I thought someone on here might be of help. Their website is fairly limited for information. Can't even find what the ticker will be. Company is a provider of services to the coal mining industry in Australia.

    Any information greatly appreciated.


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    A bit of foundation history here: http://www.companydirectors.com.au/N...26DB1Final.pdf

    Otherwise all I can suggest is heep an eye on here: http://www.asx.com.au/research/compa...s/upcoming.htm
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    Cave in at a large MYE profect recently


    MYE is starting to look very interesting to me. I would like to see a bit less debt and stronger cashflows, the trouble is by the time these metrics improve I will probably have to pay a much higher price.

    It will also pay to keep a eye on cost of labour.
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    Default Re: MYE - Mastermyne Group

    Noticed that Mastermyne Group has appeared in the media this week.
    WilsonHTM have them as a buy with a target price of $2.70
    Lincoln indicators also have them as a buy with a target of $2.75.
    Operate in the coal mining area with support services to coal miners.
    Seem to be quite profitable to me with big ambitions for the future, and could be worth looking at more closely.
    Don't know much about them.
    Any comments appreciated.

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    Default Re: MYE - Mastermyne Group

    Double bottom, then cup & handle and then a breakout on cue. Doncha like these predictable patterns - so easy to trade.

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