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    AMMG was incorporated on 8th May 2007 for the purpose of securing tenements over land that had been subject to historical exploration and where significant geological data was available and / or the land was considered sufficiently prospective due to proximity to existing resources and infrastructure.

    The Company has identified five separate project areas, located in Western Australia and Queensland, which the Directors believe may have the potential for the realisation of economic resources of these commodities - iron ore, gypsum, mineral sands and gold.

    The Company has one granted tenement and 18 applications for tenements covering in excess of 4,000 square kilometres over the five project areas.

    Sector: Materials
    Shares on Issue: 44,090,000
    Current Market Capitalisation: $9,699,800
    Website: http://www.ammg.com.au

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    Default Re: AKA - Australia Minerals and Mining Group

    MC - $9m
    SP - 9c
    Shares - 101m
    Options - 42m
    Cash - $5.1m

    Top 20 - 52%

     AMMG has acquired 1 granted and 2 new tenement applications to secure the Green Range Coal Project.
     Strategically located 40 – 70km from the town and port of Albany.
     One granted EL and two ELA’s covering ~1,123 square kilometres.
     Substantial historical exploration reported by BHP and CRA (Rio Tinto) in the 1980’s and Phanerozoic Energy in the 2000’s.
     CRA estimated an exploration target* of 500Mt of lignite.
     AMMG is now estimating an exploration target* of 400-500 million tonnes of thermal coal grade.
     Historical diamond drill core analysis confirms sub-bituminous or thermal coal grade (up to 24Mj/kg or 5732 kcal/kg).
     Port of Albany currently proposing to upgrade its capacity to handle ‘cape-sized’ vessels.
     Freehold land, Native Title extinguished – lower environmental concerns expected.

    Constance Range Iron Ore Project, QLD
     AMMG conducted a site reconnaissance to prepare for the upcoming drill program scheduled to commence in August.
     The drill program aims to establish a JORC statement for iron ore resources at BHP’s historical deposits ‘P’, ‘C’ and ‘D’.
     Delegates for the Anhui Bureau of Coal and Geology visited the Constance Range to inspect the project.
     AMMG acquired an additional three tenements, bringing the total project area to approximately 815km²

    Southdown Extension Iron Ore Project, WA
     100% owned by the Company; AMMG acquired the remaining 20% interest in tenement E70/2650 on similar pro-rata terms to the purchase with Minemakers.
     Davis Tube Recovery (DTR) results indicated an average iron concentrate of 68% and an average mass recovery of 35%; grind size was -75 microns (coarser than all other reported iron ore projects WA).
     Subsequent to quarter end, AMMG’s stage 1 diamond drilling program commenced.

    Bencubbin Iron Ore Project, WA

     DTR results from stage 1 drilling program indicated an excellent average iron concentrate of above 70% with average mass recovery 42.8%; grind size was -75 microns.
     The WA state government’s Exploration Incentive Scheme (EIS) co-funded drilling program refunded 50% of the drilling costs.

    Yilgarn Iron Ore Projects, WA

     A further two applications were successful in the WA state government’s EIS co-funded drilling program.
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    Default Re: AKA - Australia Minerals and Mining Group

    On November 12th, 2014, Australia Minerals and Mining Group Limited (AKA) changed its name and ASX code to Altech Chemicals Ltd (ATC).

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