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    Default Anyone using EAs with GoMarkets?

    I'm hoping someone using EAs with GoMarkets can help me out here. I've recently downloaded a moving average cross over EA but can't get it to work on GoMarkets platform.

    I've tried it with other brokers using MT4 platform with same settings and it works like a charm, just not on GoMarkets....

    If anyones wondering, I've attached the EA.

    thanks to anyone who care help!!
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    Default Re: Anyone using EAs with GoMarkets?

    opss i mean this ea...
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    Default Re: Anyone using EAs with GoMarkets?

    For whatever reason I cannot see the attachment, but I am going to guess this EA was not written for an ECN broker; where you have to submit the trade order with no tp or sl, then modify the order to enter the tp and sl.

    Commonly, the use of [TD] EAs; written by "Ronald Raygun" connect to his tick-data server, so you might also need to check you have connectivity with his servers else the whole EA fails.


    P.S. Yes, I do use my own EAs with Go.
    Back from travelling, until we go again!

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    Default Re: Anyone using EAs with GoMarkets?

    Thanks wabbit!, I just found there was an ECN option on the EA. HA!...my bad...

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