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    Default NinjaTrader & Volume - What The...?


    I have just downloaded NT and am not sure what's going on here. Any help would be much appreciated....

    I am using the Yahoo data feed (which may be the problem) and the S&P500 chart is showing me this


    2147 MILLION!!!???!!!!

    Now this appears to be consistent with the maximum value of a 32bit int variable (in code lingo) of 2147483647

    Nonetheless, it's still a damn sight different to what Yahoo reports


    So I guess my question is, dodgy feed or dodgy software?

    It is built in .NET, sooooooo..... I will refrain from going any further. lol

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    Default Re: NinjaTrader & Volume - What The...?

    I contacted Ninja support and it is a known bug in the software. Will be fixed in V7 I'm told.

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