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    Default Noobie debt/equity question

    Hi Guys,

    First post I've just started researching companies through Yahoo and the ASX
    Websites. I'm trying to find out the debt to equity ratio as a percentage.
    I cant find it anywhere on the ASX website. I've been told that Yahoo should have it under Risk in Key Statistics but it's not there. Is it called something else or are there better web sites with this information?

    Thank you for your time,


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    Default Re: Noobie debt/equity question

    G`day Noobie,

    On my Etrade acc under `profiles` for any particular company there is a dbt/equity %. For BHP for instance it is 41.4% as of y`day. But I guess you`d have to open an acc with them. Ive never bothered looking anywhere else.

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    Default Re: Noobie debt/equity question

    OK, Thanks for the quick reply

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    Smile Re: Noobie debt/equity question

    Hi Noobie,

    Take a look at this web site for the Australian Stockmarket Scanner.


    You can play around with the tick boxes to select stocks based on a whole range of criteria. The results will include Debt/Equity as a percentage.

    You can also sort on any of the resulting colums.

    I copied this to Excel and refined the results even further.

    Beware of the dreaded hyperlinks if you do this, but they can be removed.

    Have fun..

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    Default Re: Noobie debt/equity question

    Thanks Idiode,

    That website looks very interesting, but it seems to only allow me to search via terms such as debt/equity ratio between 50-100% etc.
    Then it lists all the companies that fit that profile. That will definatley come in handy but what I really want at the moment is to be able put in a company and find its D/E ratio.

    OK Buckfont, I opened an Etrade Account, searched for Westpac Bank (WBC)
    found the key measures but under debt/equity ratio, it's blank.

    Does that mean that Westpac doesn't publish them or do I find them somewhere else?

    Thanks again for your time,


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    Default Re: Noobie debt/equity question

    Damo, just went through my watchlist and oddly enough CBA,ANZ, and NAB didn`t have d/e ratio figures either. Cant explain why. Did some others, AIO 206%. MGX, 20.7% ORI, 41.6% as examples.

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    Default Re: Noobie debt/equity question

    Hmmm, thanks for doing that Buckfront, really appreciate it.
    Maybe something to do with them being banks?

    I'll let you know if I get to the bottom of it.

    Cheers, Damo

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