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    Question Want to invest

    I want to invest in Clipsal, is it under Schnieder Electrical? How do i invest in it?

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    I am not sure - is it even a publicly listed company?

    "In the 70's Gerard Industries Pty Ltd began a long term plan to make Clipsal the biggest brand of electrical accessories in the world. Today, the plan is well on the way to completion with Clipsal now the number one brand in electrical accessories in Asia, and among the top 5 electrical accessories' brands in the world. The road to success, however, has not always been an easy one. In the early '70s Australia's Federal Government talked seriously of free trade."

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    The Gerard's sold their half to Schneider in 2003 the other half is owned by Singapore Clipsal.

    On CMC there is a Schneider Electric but Clipsal might be a tiny part of their entire customer.

    Use yahoo and you'll find out all you need to know


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    Clipsal, formally part of Gerard industries (privately owned), has been sold to Schneider in Germany. It is now just a tiny part of a huge electrical company which has the giant companies, Merlin Gerin, Square D, and Telemechnique.
    You would have to buy shares in Europe.

    Gerard Industries still owns Pierlite, a winery, and a few other industries.
    I have met Robert Gerard who is now on the Reserve Bank Board, nice guy and clever. I asked him if they had any plans to float Clipsal at the time and he said that there was pressure from family members (he is one of a long generations of Gerards in the business) to sell. Obviously he thought the Schneider offer was very good.

    So realistically, you can't buy shares in it.

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