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    Default Sydney Terrorists - lenient sentences?

    Given the evidence and the obvious disregard to authorities and legal system, why were these scum not given life?

    Five Sydney men convicted of terrorism-related offences have been sentenced to maximum sentences ranging from 23 to 28 years in prison.

    Justice Anthony Whealy, who presided over a trial that began in November 2008, said in the Supreme Court at Parramatta that the offence of conspiring to commit an act in preparation for a terrorist act or acts was higher on the scale of criminality.
    source: http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/five-sydne...html?feed=html

    .... and the muslim dressed woman whinging at the court that the sentence wasn't fair for their community and their religion.....and the other sympathetic supporters:

    Two men shouted from the back of the court in Arabic: "Be patient. Allah is with you."

    ....and the following certainly reinforced their contempt:

    During the judge's summing up, some of them smiled and, during breaks in his address, some of them exchanged pleasantries with each other.

    After the sentences were pronounced and the judge left the bench, all five broke into smiles.

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    Default Re: Sydney Terrorists - lenient sentences ?

    The sentences don't seem all that unreasonable if they are actually served. But presumably with parole they will be out in time to be a danger to Australia again.

    The woman in her diatribe was quite sickening, accusing ASIO and others of being the real dangers.
    The violence of her anger was quite chilling.

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    Default Re: Sydney Terrorists - lenient sentences?

    Goto a muslim country and speak out against there laws....................

    I rest my case.

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    Default Re: Sydney Terrorists - lenient sentences?

    Looks like they'll be just a stone's throw away.

    The next time someones teaching why don't you get taught.

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    Default Re: Sydney Terrorists - lenient sentences?

    On a personal note, having a connection with Defence, I say arm our soldiers and allow them to take care of security on base!

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    Default Re: Sydney Terrorists - lenient sentences?

    Our democratic law does not take care well for those who work against the system.

    Instead of looking for guidance to US or UK, we would be probably better off if we start looking at Singapore artificial society model.

    Their control seems to be strong enough to deal with extreme cases.

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    Default Re: Sydney Terrorists - lenient sentences?

    Muslims whingeing in media today saying non-muslim offenders would be treated more leniently than the bombers or Bilal Scafe.

    I would not be happy if a non-muslim or Australian person plotting to execute a bombing on Australian soil was not given an equal or harsher sentence. Once upon a time it was called treason and there was only one punishment.

    As for rapists, if a non-muslim committed the type of rape offences committed by Scafe I would expect at least that sentence. Personally I believe they are soft on the sentencing by allowing the brothers to share a cell.

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    Default Re: Sydney Terrorists - lenient sentences?

    I still think it would have been better for ASIO to tip off the 4RAR commandoes of their plans and have an assult group meet them just inside the front gates of holsworthy.

    Problem solved.

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    Default Re: Sydney Terrorists - lenient sentences?

    There was no evidence that they intended to kill people (although, personally, I am sure this was their intent. Also it is was a conspiracy. They did not go ahead and do it. Possible they would have got cold feet or decided it was morally wrong (again, I personally doubt it).

    Thus, I think sentences are appropriate. Minimum is 23 years. In 23 years, my 5 year old will be an adult of 28 and my little baby will be 23 years old. That is a large amount of your life to lose.

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