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    Exclamation Stator not Backing up in Vista & Windows 7

    I've been using Stator Lite for a while and have had the automatic backup dealing with exactly that.

    3 days ago my Vista based laptop had heart failure(cyclical restart, got it checked out(first time I've ever had to get someone else to look at my pc gear.......felt like a newbie ) and it was a software issue, he was able to get it to run, but whenever it shut down it was cactus again, needed a clean install) so I decided to replace the HDD and memory to max out their capacity and clean installed Windows 7. All good, I also grabbed a portable 2.5" external USB 2.0 case for the old HDD so I could use it and also access all my data.

    Got the laptop up and running with the new HDD, memory and Windows 7 and installed Stator Lite. Hooked up the old HDD and ran a search for the backup files.........low and behold there were none

    But here's the kicker, under Windows Vista and Windows 7, Stator WILL NOT BACKUP AT ALL!!! unless you run Stator as Administrator. Vista and Windows 7 use some kind virtual machine to run some programs, this is what causes Stator to not write backups to the default folder or any folder you select in the menu.

    Not just that but the program core runs in the virtual machine which means you should almost treat them as two version. I'm guessing that Windows writes the virtual machine core data to Stators program files at some stage, possibly at shutdown, but it doesn't do it for the backups. While trying to recover my data I had a fully recovered Stator when run as administrator, but an empty demo owner when running Stator normally.

    Long story short, and thanks to the guys at Stator for helping me out, I was able to use the files within the old Stator to restore the new one.

    I was concerned and thought I'd better let people know about this so they can take precautions. The only way to make Stator write the backups is to run Stator as Administrator.

    I can sleep easy tonight knowing that at least this data is back to normal............I've still got a bunch more to go through and restore, like emails, contacts etc


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    Default Re: Stator not Backing up in Vista & Windows 7

    Web based is the only way to go.
    No patches, no fire or theft problems.
    Downloaded programs are too risky these days for storing important data.

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