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    Lightbulb Google Talk

    Google has now introduced its own instant messenger to take on MSN and Yahoo.

    Those interested can find it here: http://www.google.com/talk/

    Anyone without a gmail account who would like to try this out, PM me your current email address as I have plenty of gmail invites.

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    Since we're talking Google, I spotted this bit of trivia in today's paper.

    Google recently announced the sale of 14,159,265 new shares - put a 3 and a decimal point in front of that - there's pi. But wait, there's more..

    In the IPO, Google raised $2,718,281,828. If you squish a decimal place in between the 2 and the 7, there's the number e.

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    Default Re: Google Talk

    I've tried it, its clean, fast and efficient. Problem is - it's nothing innovative, its just a basic IM client with VOIP. Sort of like a cross between Skype and MSN, except both of those respective program do their jobs voice and chat better.

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    Default Re: Google Talk

    handy google prompt for searchers


    (this req'd an "oh, that looks handy" emoticon .......alas, such is the cynicism of the time we're in..)

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