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    Default CMC MarketMaker XJO spikes

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this or if it should be in Software and Data?

    I am paper trading some new analysis that i have learned and I am looking at the XJO 3 min chart on MarketMaker from CMC. I have noticed today that it hit 4499 as a low five times (thus far). At least two of the bars have a spread of close to 30 points, which is more than 4 times than any other bar.

    Just wondering if anyone else using other software experienced something similiar and it is actually just CMC replicating the market or is that something CMC as the market maker do to stop people out?

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    Default Re: CMC MarketMaker XJO spikes

    Some very dirty ticks in there. If they stopped you out I would be on the phone.

    By the way thats not the XJO you are trading its the SPI futs.
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    Default Re: CMC MarketMaker XJO spikes

    I thought that looked odd, I will keep an eye out for similiar things over the next month or so.

    And thanks for correcting on the SPI futs.

    I have been trading longer term for a while now and want to start daytrading, so still learning the different terminologies. Will be paper trading at least until the end of February.
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