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    Default Australian Open 2010

    Thoughts and predictions for the final anyone? Djokovic vs Murray, tipping a bit of an upset (for federer that is).

    Special mention of Henri Leconte as a commentator, very funny to listen too, classic
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    Federer and Murray in the final and Federer to win in straight sets.

    He is a gun and his ground strokes have never looked better, plus he will be very happy about Nadal not being there...

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    Davydenko appears to have the wood on Federer lately - could go anyway!

    I think it will be the fedexpress vs Murray in the final.

    I havent seen Djokovic play yet though.
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    4 tough players left on one side of the draw - Federer, Davydenko, Tsonga & Djokovic + Murray will get an extra day's rest before the final.

    I expect the QF & SF to be very tough for Federer, so Murray to win. Would be the first Brit to win a major that I can remember

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    C'mon Čilić !!!! ...with the wood over the jock in the US Open last year let's make it a double.

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