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    Smile Trader meetups?

    As most know, trading full-time can be a rewarding, and solo endeavor and so the odd trader meetups used to be a bit of a break when I lived in the inner city.

    I have just moved out west, to a new area around Camden in western Sydney of late (the wonders of breaking from the 8-6 city commute of my previous life), and wondered if there were already any trader meetups in the area or elsewhere.

    I post it hear as I trade currencies full time, but I hold no grudges to the "others"

    Best of luck this week on the markets.
    You could quit and they won't care, but you will always know.

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    Default Re: Trader meetups?

    I am much the same and would like to meet up with other traders in the Redland Bay area of Brisbane.

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    anyone in Perth?

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    I'm in Newcastle NSW if anyone is up for discussion etc.

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    Anyone own a brewery ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nunthewiser View Post
    Anyone own a brewery ?
    I think that's what they call the Trader meetups in InZid.

    "Hey Brew, come en! Markut's about to open"

    Could be wrong though
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