May I advise all asfers of this excellent site available for early warning of natural disasters.

I have had 2 text messages on my mobile and 2 emails advising me on the movements of ex TC Cyclones Olga and Neville today.

You can sign up for alerts on the homepage.

Register here to receive FREE emergency notifications relative to where you live.

This service is available free of charge to the Australian public. The purpose of this service is to help save lives and protect property. Register now or invite your friends and family to join EWN.

The Australian Early Warning Network (EWN) provides free emergency alerts covering everything from tsunamis through to severe weather. EWN monitors and tracks potentially dangerous weather systems and uses the network to alert people directly in the path of an event such as a thunderstorm with the potential for hail, flash flooding or damaging winds. More information can be found in the weather alerts FAQ.
Free alerts via SMS are available for residents of approved councils, customers and members of Elders Insurance Weather Alerts and staff/customers of these companies. Email and desktop alerts are delivered free to everyone. New members not part of the councils, companies or groups listed will receive the first three months SMS alerts free. After this period they can elect to keep receiving these at a cost of one dollar per month or to continue to receive just the email and desktop alerts.
Our Council, Townsville City Council, shouts it free for us.