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    Hi all,

    First post here. I'm new to the market and while I havent invested yet, I am looking to soon.

    To help with my research, I'm wondering if such a thing exists on the internet somewhere that lets you download a list of all securities on the ASX and the data for them, something like the data given on the ASX website e.g. last price, price change $ and %, volume, hi/lo etc.

    Ideally it would show the data at the market close, or 20min delay throughout the day.

    CSV format would be ideal. But most importantly it would have data for all the companies on the ASX.

    Replies greatly apprecitated.

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    Default Re: Daily market close data

    There are many companies providing data for end-of-day ASX prices, normally OHLCV (Open High Low Close Volume). See this thread: Best Data for me? for some names and discussion of accuracy/quality of data.

    I think Cooltrader data is CSV.
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