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    Post AUK - Augur Resources

    Augur Resources Limited (AUK) is a NSW-based resource development company, with a focus on copper, gold and nickel projects within the Lachlan Fold Belt in central NSW.

    Figured it's about time someone started an AUK thread so holders can discuss.

    Been holding small parcel, up 60% to date.

    Prospects are encouraging and I will definatley be a long term holder.


    Latest ann:


    Any other excited holders?

    GL + HP, DYOR
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    Default Re: AUK - Augur Resources

    Hi Speculator,

    I just picked up this thread after seeing the stock price climb from 0.04 cents to 0.14 cents today on TheBull.com.au.

    After researching the various reports from the company it sure looks like it will be another speckie gobbling up capital until it becomes attractive enough for one of the big players to move in on it.

    Failing that, they will be forced to raise more capital via options, issues ect., to continue their JORC's.

    There is a huge gap between finding the stuff (Nickel, Gold & Copper) and getting it out of the ground. There are plenty of established miners doing this right now and their share prices are not delivering high yeilds.

    Incidentally, do you have any idea what caused the AUK share price to spike today, or it just a misprint?

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    Default Re: AUK - Augur Resources

    MC - $7m
    SP - 4c
    Shares - 177m
    Options - Nil quoted
    Cash - $157k

    Management hold 39% of shares

    Share Purchase Plan
    The Directors of Augur Resources Ltd (‘Augur’ or ‘the Company') advise that the Company offers Eligible Shareholders the opportunity to subscribe for up to $15,000 worth of new shares in the Company without brokerage or other transaction costs and at a discount to the prevailing market share price under a Share Purchase Plan ('SPP').
    The Company’s shares are being offered under the SPP at $0.04 per share, a discount of approximately 17% to the volume weighted average share price in the five trading days immediately prior to the date of this announcement.
    The maximum number of shares that can be issue under the SPP is 53,156,414.

    WONOGIRI JV - 1.54Mt Gold Eq resource• 1.01 Moz gold
    • 200 million pounds of copper
    • Discovery cost: $3.05/Oz
    • Discovery time: 15 months
    • Resource from surface

    Randu Kuning Deposit
    • 90.9 Mt @ 0.53 g/t AuEq
    • Measured and Indicated 33.7 Mt @ 0.81 g/t AuEq
    • Mineralisation to surface
    • Potential open pit extraction
    • Open at depth
    • Open to the south and west

    • 51% ownership of Wonogiri ‐ earning to 80% (<US$225,000 to reach 80%)
    • >50 % of gold resource in JORC Measured category
    • Plenty of upside potential in resource with 5 significant near surface targets
    • Excellent metallurgical results: 82.7% recovery of gold and 94.1% of copper

    Development Schedule
    March ‐ June 2012: Maiden resource definition
    2012 to 2013: Pre‐feasibility study: Underway
    July ‐ September 2012: Preliminary mine design
    2012: Continuation of environmental baseline studies
    2012: Continuation of metallurgical studies

    • Initial concentrate results returned >19% copper and 2 oz/t gold with silver credit (2.5 oz/t)
    • Optimising work commenced to increase concentrate to >20% copper with early optimisation results returning 21.2% copper and 2.9 gold oz/t concentrate
    • Majority of mineralisation floating off within 5 minutes (very quick)

    • Excellent infrastructure at site
    • Sealed road to edge of deposit
    • Man made water source directly east of the licence area and other water sources within licence area
    • Grid power in local area, but capacity yet to be determined
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