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    Default Establishing a daily work routine

    Hi everyone,
    Have been away to Morocco and am trying to get back to the grind.
    I really need to get some kind of work routine established because I'm all over the place at the moment.
    Not sure about the market this year but was just going to have a (small) go at trading some swings.
    I've got software but I only have after midnight data so all must be done a.m. It's not so bad in Winter but up here in NQ we don't have daylight savings so market opens at 9.00 for us in Summer.
    Can anyone give me some ideas as to how they organise their time?

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    Default Re: Establishing a daily work routine

    i attempt to trade a few each day and work

    so at morning tea i have a half hour at 9.30 to madly research and select buy orders

    i read an overnight report check sensitive announcements and check buyer depth on stocks i aim to scalp

    then at lunch quick check of any trades and set sell orders

    home at 3.30 to close trades or select overnight holds

    its hectic but works ok for trading scalps

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    Default Re: Establishing a daily work routine

    Firstly make sure you have a good sleeping routine, working from home can be tricky and you can loose track of time very fast. Get up the same time of the morning, have breakfast, a shower and clean clothes.

    I usually start my work day with a coffee and news.com.au for the first 15 minutes, then I check my emails etc and reply to the urgent stuff, then I start my day.

    I have a dedicated hour break, leave and go for a walk if you have time, eat some lunch, surf the net and waste some time.

    Another coffee and back to work.

    I think the hardest thing about working from home is DISTRACTIONS, there are so many, and when you are your only boss its really easy to get distracted with something and before you know it 4 hours has gone.

    good luck!

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