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    Default Coober Pedy Hillbillies Rednecks

    It would appear from reports that there is conflict between the Head Teacher of the local school and some of the populace of CP.

    Either they are unwilling to get their children to school on time or she is overly disciplinarian in her approach.

    Lets hope the truth outs.

    I've never been there. Isn't that the place where they all live in homes in holes underground?

    Perhaps the council could build tunnels from the homes to the school.

    THE controversial principal of Coober Pedy's school has been stood aside pending a third investigation into her management style, which has divided residents of the remote mining community.

    Several families have threatened to leave Coober Pedy if Sue Burtenshaw persists with her tough disciplinary approach at the school.

    The complaints include verbal abuse of locals as "hillbillies" and "rednecks", and handing out detentions to students less than 10 minutes late to morning roll-call.

    Coober Pedy Mayor Steve Baines called for residents to cease hostilities and "reflect on what's best for the children".

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    Default Re: Coober Pedy Hillbillies Rednecks

    Quote Originally Posted by Garpal Gumnut View Post
    It would appear from reports that there is conflict between the Head Teacher of the local school and some of the populace of CP ...

    I've never been there. Isn't that the place where they all live in homes in holes underground?
    Can't comment on the school kerfuffle, other than to say discipline is rarely a bad thing from a head teacher, and Coober Pedy is as likely as anywhere to be in want of a little discipline.

    As for White Fellah hole-in-the-ground (as local tradition would render the translation), it's a national treasure. Been years since I was there and my stays were brief, but it leaves an indelible impression.

    As Monty Python said of Scottish Goalkeepers: "They're dreamers, they're romantics ...". ASF chartists have got a lot to learn from them. There's always a pile of opal just waiting to be found in the next hole in the ground, if one only has the right technique for finding where to dig.

    The place also has its dark side - the desperation of a failed dreamer can lead to predatory and deluded behavior.

    But there's also a cheery optimism - there's a lot of mutual assistance done on a handshake and a nod - you find your opals mate and I'm sure we'll square things up.

    Coober Pedy's the sort of place where you could spend days thumbing a lift to get out of the joint, but if you were to ask at a local shop, they could put you on to a lift to anywhere in Australia in the next day or two.

    I just wouldn't ask for anything in the local pub. That's one place I would want to keep my wits about me, and my cards close to my chest.

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    Default Re: Coober Pedy Hillbillies Rednecks

    Coober Pedy is a treasure of a place to visit. Has some very rich unique history. If you're in the area and you want to see something very similar but different, try andamooka. No way to describe it unless you've been there.

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    Default Re: Coober Pedy Hillbillies Rednecks

    My wife and I visited Coober Pedy on our way around Australia. We left our van at Port Augusta and toured up to the Cooper Pedy for the weekend just to experinced staying the night in an underground motel. The motel was actually tunneled into the side of a hill and the walls in the motel were bare rock. With 39c outside and no airconditioning we were surprised to be in total comfort at 23c.

    There is a misconception that everybody lives underground in Cooper Pedy. There are lots more houses above ground than one can imagine.

    One has to watch where one walks on the outter side of the town as there are literraly hundreds of drilled holes about 2 feet in diameter which remain open. I suggest GG you don't get drunk out there and decide to walk home. You might be missing for days before somebody finds you. It looks similar to the Moon scape.

    We aslo called into the detention centre near Woomera on the way back and witnessed the riot on that Sunday morning around Jan/Feb 2002.

    Can't comment on the school discipline. Guess they are having problems like all schools. The students get away with far too much imo.


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