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    For the past several months I have been working on an automated trading system. I started trialling it on a demo account and the results which I have posted below look too good to be true to me. I realise that until it has done more trades it could be just random chance or luck at play or the demo account could be unrealistic and that is my question.

    Do brokerage firms differ their demo accounts from live accounts in order to entice business? My demo account is with CMS Forex.

    Any input on the system results are welcome.

    No. Trades = 46
    No. Days = 9
    No. Short Trades = 26
    No. Long Trades = 20
    Pips P/L = 1175.30
    $ P/L = $31,624.69
    Total % P/L = 63.65%
    Biggest $ P = $5,203.88
    Biggest $ L = -$2,648.79
    Biggest Pip P = 266.60
    Biggest Pip L = -121.90
    No. Losing Trades = 20
    No. Winning Trades = 26
    Starting Balance = $49,683
    Ending Balance = $81,308
    Largest Equity Drawdown $ = -$5,866
    Largest Equity Drawdown % = -12.00%

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    I don't know what the brokerage firms do, but I would be pretty worried about a 12% drawdown in the first 9 days of trading.

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