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    Hi All

    I've started using Facebook a little, however I'm finding the "search engine" particularly frustrating. Am I doing something wrong?

    For example, when I type a search for "Ima Bum" it comes up with say 15 people (none of which is the person I'm looking for). Yet when I look up the profile of a mutual friend, say "Ivor Biggun", here is "Ima Bum" listed as one of his friends.

    Why does it not come up in the search? The filtering by location/school and workplace seems hopeless.

    Any help gratefully received. Am I doing something wrong? How can I best narrow the searches down?

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    Hey Duckman, Sorry i cant help you but i thought that i would let you know that you are not alone with this. I joined Facebook last week and I am struggling to come to terms with it

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    the internet aye....

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    Filtering by school/location only works if people have filled out those items in their profile. Some people dont fill that stuff out.

    If you are searching for a school, if you search for the school name, there are groups made up of past school members which you can look through.

    There are privacy settings that make it so that people cant search for you, useful for people like teachers, so that may be why you are having trouble finding a particular person.

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    It takes time to find your friends on there, best to start out with those with unusual names, then trek through their friends to find the people you want to actually stay in touch with. Good luck picking the right John Smith that doesn't even have a public profile pic.

    If you want to start meeting interesting people then try out some of the games and craplets that rely on having lots of friends. Some people will 'friend' anyone to get ahead in Mafia Wars or Farmville.

    Oh and in case anyone was interested, it's also called F_c_book (fill in the blanks yourself )


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    Well i don't think that you are doing the right thing. I think you should go for search engines. I hope you 'll get the results that you desired. Go for search engines.

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    Showing your age Duckman?

    The best way is to search through the friends lists of friends you've already found. May take a while but you'll eventually track most people down as long as they are on facebook.

    Good luck
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    Watch your security settings guys .......... MAKE SURE they are set for ONLY friends to see .......The settings got changed on the facebook upgrade they had a little while back...... I been scanning all your pages and photo,s ...

    What an ugly bunch.

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    My wife is a facebook nut, she can spend hours everyday on that site....
    Yep i dont get it either,,too me its just a big yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn


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