No Sign of Cruise Control Faults

Chase Weir the driver of the runaway Ford Explorer must be worthy of joining the "Chaser" team after his stunt driving his "out of control" car along 50 kilometres of Melbourne motorways.

Apparently, the cruise control got stuck and the brakes were unable to stop the runaway car. I believe that the cruise control could have got stuck but the rest of his story is a crock.

Weir was cool enough under pressure to ring the Ford service department followed by ordering a pizza before finally dialing '000' for assistance. He was instructed to turn off the ignition and select neutral but apparently both of these actions failed.

Interestingly, "Chaser Boy" was able to pull up his vehicle by applying the hand brake and foot brake just metres before running into another car.

This guy should do some time behind bars for being a public nuisance.