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    Default Child Offenders DNA Tagged

    I think this is grossly unfair and un-Australian.

    Many of us would be unfairly labelled for the rest of our lives if we had to account for our childhood misdemeanours.

    Queenslanders civil liberties are being eroded.


    POLICE have taken DNA samples from almost 1300 children earmarked as the next generation of criminals.

    Figures obtained by The Sunday Mail under Right to Information legislation have revealed that in less than five years, police have collected DNA from 1275 children aged between 10 and 16.

    The genetic blueprint may be used to catch them if they reoffend - a likelihood for more than half of juveniles, according to research.
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    Default Re: Child Offenders DNA Tagged

    No different to fingerprinting which has been routine for as long as we have had plods.

    I believe everyone ought to be DNA'd from birth, dont err or offend seriously then no problem. The advantages of this with ID cards would solve a lot of universal security and identification problems. IMHO

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    Default Re: Child Offenders DNA Tagged

    Who cares about offenders rights.....

    Its time we start plaicing the rights of safe communities, and victims ahead of offenders....if they keep this up i might move to QLD...

    Too many people constantly harp on about the rights of criminals.......and hence the lack of justice system we have...

    Come and live among these serial offenders it may change your views.....when you have neighbours that have been burgled 8 times in a few years , then asualted for id'ing the perpetrators....

    You cant even walk the streets in this area without seeing a rediculous display of public violence or domestic dispute.....and the cops are powerless due to the young offenders act....
    We had a local shop keeper who was continually robbed and assualted....they walk in and carry the stock out and if she confronted them they would assalt her.....shed ring the cops and they would not attend or would not lay charges.......so one day she rang the cops and said" shots fired" , she was charged and faced court, copped a heavy fine and community service.....in what world is that justice......

    I know kids that have been caught for hundreds of offences with no incarceration.....and some offences are incredibly serious ....eg arson The current system is incredibly broken beyond any realm of consequences for actions...... Most times they are not even questioned....because even the police have lost all faith in the judicial process towards young offenders....

    Problem is these kids grow up with no consequences and by the time they are 18 they are hardened, proffessional criminals.....this could all be stopped if they had consequences and where made accountable early on....
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    Default Re: Child Offenders DNA Tagged

    Here is a typical mum answer -

    Where are the parents of these kids?

    10 years old???

    I get so annoyed.

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