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    Hi Everyone,

    I currently have Optus Dial-Up Interent and Standard Television, I wanted to upgrade to either Optus Broadband or Foxtel.

    Foxtel has Bloomberg Television 24/7, however so does the internet, and a broadband connection would provide higher quality viewing. Foxtel's "Basic Package" (which includes Fox Sports, CNN, Bloomberg, CNBC, Channel V, and Fox 8 plus a few others) is $50.00 per month, Optus' "Unlimited Broadband" is $65.00 per month.

    I can afford to get both but wanted to ask forum members what they think is better?


    Jesse Livermore

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    I'd get the high speed internet.

    I've been on Optus cable since 1999 and every time I have to use a dial-up connection these days I feel like tearing my hair out. The internet is getting harder to enjoy on a dial-up connection due to many websites optimising for high speed users. As time goes by and the take up rate for broadband internet increases things are only going to get tougher for those with dial-up connections.

    As for cable TV I've never had it. I don't mind some TV but I don't watch it much so I can't justify the expense. Besides, there's always too much to do on the internet.

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    For broadband, have a look at Westnet. I pay $163 for six months. In the last six months a connection has been unavailable only once for a couple of hours and it was a Telstra problem. They answer phone calls with a real person within three rings and will ensure your questions are answered if you have any. They then follow this up with an email to check that you are happy with the service.



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