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    Does anyone have any experience on the affect 9/11 had on a particular stock - How long after the event did it start its fall? How much did it fall ? How long did it take to regain most of its losses.

    Does anyone know which stock was affected the most?

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    Airline stocks were belted I know that.

    You mean here or the US?

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    Tech - in oz.

    I would imagine that the airlines would be hit doubly - in regard to safety of actually flying fears as well as the general world economic consequences (the main one being the supply of oil?).

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    Just looking back at my trades during the 9/11 period. I was in the buffer zone on all margin loans, & gradually sold down to almost no stocks prior to the US markets re-opening.....bit of a worry at that time, however, I was 100% back in the market within a few weeks, & October 2001 was & still is my best ever trading month, covering all September losses plus a good profit on top.

    These are some of the trades.
    Buy CBA 3rd August 2001 @ 3015.0, 7th August 3025.0, 10th August 3080.0
    Sold all 17th September @ 2577.1

    Buy SUN 13th August 2001 @ 1529.0
    Sold 17th August @ 1105.0

    Buy WFT 13th August 2001 @ 343.0
    Sold 14th August @ 320.0

    This one will shock you
    Buy QAN 22nd August @ 284.0, & 24th August @ 294.0
    Sold 11th September (our trading day prior to attack) @ 338.0
    & the other parcel 14th September @ 341.0

    Ansett collapsed sometime around then as well....maybe a couple of weeks later.

    Re-enter SUN 21st September 2001 @ 1088.0
    Sold 20th November @ 1327.0

    Re-enter CBA 28th September 2001 @ 2585.0
    Sold 18th October @ 2785.0

    There is too many to list, but I had 14 purchases after 9/11 in September with 12 wins, & 19 purchases in October with 16 wins, (these are trading wins.....dividends not included)

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    I bought shares in WAM on open on 9/12 as they were 3% down. By the end of the day, they were up and by the end of 2001, they were nearly 20% up.

    The company that took the biggest hit from 9/11 was an insurance company (can't remember which one - which was down 50%), but within a year it hit a 52 week high.

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    Rozella, thanks for those trades for that period. Interesting results, especially QAN.

    Thanks too Fleeta. QBE dropped from 10.24 on the 11th to 3.35 on the 20th (ouch!)

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