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    G'day all. Just wondering if anyone would be able to help out,
    My friend has been staying in a student apartment for the last two years and will be vacating this month to another place. To receive her bond back, she is required to steam clean the whole apartment and provide evidence to the body corporate otherewise the body corporates will choose their own and more expensive steam cleaner and deduct more from the bond.

    The issue is that, we have provided a receipt which has details, cost and name but the body corporates are rejecting it. One of them even verbally has said that it looks like its been cleaned (because it has been) but they require a 'full receipt' with ABN etc. I know they are being anal about it, but is this a necessary requirement? It seems to me that they are trying to delay repayment of bond and trying to get their own steam cleaner...

    thanks, mike.

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    Contact the cleaner and have them organise a tax invoice as they should by law. A tax invoice must state it is such and have a business's ABN.

    I believe the BC or property manager is well within their rights to request a tax invoice.


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    doubt it, seems like alot of hassle and risk for a few hundred bucks. Does the body corporate even hold the bond money, in queensland bond is held by an independent organisation.

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    What exit criteria were stipulated on the original lease agreement?

    Depending on where you live, there are various tenants' advisory services available where you can (a) get advice as to your rights and responsibilities, and (b) support if necessary.

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    I had a similar dispute with a real estate agent once when vacating a rental property...i simply called his bluff and paid some sort of dispute fee indicating that i wanted it to go before the rental tribunal...the agent buckled and we settled in my favour.

    I then took great pleasure in giving him a mouthful in front of his whole office.

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    Get a tax invoice from your cleaner, then lodge an application for your bond release/refund. https://rentalbonds.vic.gov.au/Default.aspx

    If your landlord won't agree to give the bond back, or give a Bond Claim Form, see the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) for a hearing to resolve the matter. Application forms are available from VCAT and the RTBA (...or similar organisation in other states). http://www.consumer.vic.gov.au/CA256...-Rental+Bonds~
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