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    Smile The Decade of Enlightenment

    Without going into the banal argument of whether we are entering a new decade or not, I am optimistic that we are entering a decade of enlightenment.

    It is fitting that the old decade was ushered out with the Copenhagen fiasco. It was here that cracks and flaws appeared in the Gigantic Hoax that man was causing climate change, and that by world regulation this could somehow be turned around.

    It was here also that Kevin Rudd's dreams of world statesmanship came tumbling down.

    It was here that that the United Nations was exposed as a hollow sham dominated by third world dictatorships.

    It was in the lead up to Copenhagen that Turnbull was exposed as a Labor puppet, and that the ETS is dead.

    With a little bit of luck, enlightenment might even extend to the 59% of the electorate who have the misguided belief that Rudd is good for the country.

    I am not so optimistic on whether we have learned the lesson to curb our exuberant spending beyond our means to avoid another depression.

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