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    Default Pacific Nations Are Muppets

    These small Pacific Nations are a complete joke. This idiot in Vanuatu, who was their PM, Edward Natapei, forgot to tell his parliament that he was away and got turfed out, and the joint is in turmoil.

    Many of these places are no bigger than Muttaburra.

    Their significance in World Forums like the UN and the Commonwealth should be downgraded.

    Many of their leaders are tribal bully boys, living off handouts ultimately from taxpayers like us in the developed world.


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    Default Re: Pacific Nations Are Muppets

    Vanuatu has great diving, divine coconut crab and other seafood, and openly promotes itself as a tax haven to boot. They are making great inroads in the production of 'clean' biodiesel derived from palm oil, too.

    I do see your point though, GG. How about island nations are grouped into nations of three or four and then they must negotiate with each other to come up with a solitary vote. For instance, the Solomons, Vanuatu, and Tonga could all make up one group collectively.


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