Yesterday the head of Iran says that the British deserves a 'punch in the face' for being the 'chief culprits' in the latest Iranian uprising.

Today, the Guardian newspaper comes out and says that the Iranians kidnapped 5 (and killed 4) British folk 2 and a half years ago. Peter Moore has been rescued and I will be very interested to hear his story when he gets home.


Was it the British who recently had some of its navy detained in Iran? Can't really recall.

Very interesting shift in the balance of power in the world.. China is giving the fork to the rest of the world (at Copenhagen and over the hanging of our bi-polar Muslim friend), and Iran also giving the fork to Britain. Times are really changing into the new decade.

I have always said that I hope they treat us better than we treated them! Otherwise, the United States, Britain and Australia are in deep deep deep dog poo!