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    Default AmiBroker: HSI Index?

    I have an entry in AmiBroker called HSI which appears to be some sort of market index (values are in the 15,000 range), but I can't find it listed in the ASX indices section, where they all start with 'X'.

    HSI sounds like it could be H?? Sector Index, but I can't find any reference to it.

    Anyone know what it is?


    PS: Hmm... a Web search shows it could be Hang Seng Index, but how would I get that in AmiBroker from only importing ASX prices?

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    Default Re: HSI Index ??

    This is from Yahoo, I think it's the Hang Seng too, not sure what went wrong. Maybe a post in the Metastock FAQ may yield an answer.


    Index Value: 15,450.95
    Trade Time: Aug 12
    Change: 5.75 (0.04%)
    Prev Close: 15,445.20
    Open: 15,459.17
    Day's Range: 15,398.30 - 15,480.80
    52wk Range: 11,862.68 - 14,365.05

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    Default Re: HSI Index ??


    Yeah, I guess it must be the Hang Seng.

    No idea how I got that into AmiBroker.


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