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    Default Are there any Winos in the house?

    I'm just supping a glass of 1998 Wynns Connawara Cabernet shariz merlot it bit plummy but when you have a case suppose you have to have one now and again, any recommendations or good bottles please post here. Donations for tasting will be accepted.

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    LOL, my girlfriend and I have just knocked off a bottle of Great Western Hermitage 1985 that a friend left for us. I know nothing about the characteristics (?) of wine - but it was very tasty.

    Off to the pub now to get blind on $3 schooners...

    go figure...



    Oh, and I own a bottle of '94 grange that I bought off the whim a couple of years ago.

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    Red wine is the best drink in the house. Any bottle will do as long as it is not cooked and has been stored well.
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    Default Re: Are there any Winos in the house?

    Wine is a topic that could fill-up a whole encyclopaedia.
    There are although 4 major categories of taste of wines(except sparkling wines).

    1) extreme sweet
    2) sweet
    3) medium dry
    4) dry
    5) extra dry (only sparkling wines and champagnes)

    Of course the "vine sort" or grape is a matter of preference, but there is a rule of thumb in choosing your wine:
    1) white wine for fish, poultry and white meat
    2) rose wine for eveything except for game
    3) red wine for game and red meat

    If anyone would like any help in choosing which wine; for which meal, I`ll be pleased to help. I am not an expert, but am daily, very deep in the subject.
    Please ask me not which wine to drink. Better is to give a choice between two or three different wines.

    Enjoy your meal!

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    I've bought a few doz from
    and found them good value.

    If you're hosting your mum-in-law (assuming she is not a connaisseur) go for a white. Brown Bros Cruchen Riesling (a moselle, ergo sweet) is the top selling restaurant wine and deservedly so.

    A tip: If the white you are offered is a beautiful golden colour, smell it and reject it because it is too old. And don't bother cellaring whites for long..... that is for good reds.
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