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    Default Schmacher returns to F1

    He's only coming back to show Jensen Button and Lewis Hamilton that he's the man right? A schmuck right?

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    Im not a Schumacher fan but i guess he thinks he can beat the current crop of riders with Brawn and get paid $11 million ..


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    I love the idea, was a Schumacher fan when he was still racing. If he is still fit enough which he thinks he is, then why not, he definitely still has the hunger there, been racing a lot in other categories since he quit.

    He is going to have a fast car, Mercedes platform, 2009 championship winning car and Ross Brawn as team principle, which was who guided him to his 7 world championships too, 7 titles, 3 year contract....someone wants to make it 10 I wouldn't put it past him either.

    Its going to be one interesting year...looking forward to it. I just hope it doesn't kill him, he got out of it on top, just hope that "one last go" doesn't bite him, like the one last go usually does.
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