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    Can someone explain to me why the swedish krona is a component in this index?

    seems a tad odd and im having trouble finding an justification for it on the internet

    thanks in advance

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    The USDX seems to be a bit of an anachronism, started in 1973 at a base of 100 and only adjusted once since.

    The justification for including the SEK is that while Sweden is not a major trading partner of the US when compared to a country such as China or Mexico its currency floats and is one of the world's major trading currencies.

    So the basis for inclusion in the USDX is:
    Country is an important trading partner
    Country's currency floats & is a major trading currency.
    (IMHO of course)

    Hence the inclusion of the SEK.
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    The market gods made the USDX that way because the hottest girls are from Sweeden.. Duuuhh


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