I had a question
I have 3500 units CBH Resources
recently i got a right issue entitlment and acceptance form
it says if uyou wish the full entitelement complete and return this form with payment

it also gives entitlment for new shares for the basis of one new share for one ordinary share held is 184 / price per share is given as 0.20 per share /amount payable for full acceptance at 0.20 per new share is $36.80

what i am confused is because at the top of the form it says Non -renouncable issue of upyo 60,350 821 shares at the price of 0.20 cents each on the basis of one new share for each share held,payable in full on acceptance of this offer

Now what i wanted to know is if i pay that 36.80 is that it i get thet 184 shares or am i signing up with that 36.80 to take the whole lott of 60,350 821 shares ( which i obiviously cant afford)