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    Post Fundamental data for Australia?

    Hi All,

    Anyone know of a source of formatted fundamental data for Australia. I'm thinking income, balance sheet and cashflow as would be reported in an annual report. I'm prepared to pay for this data if needed. Perhaps a broker supplies? I've tried Etrade, Comsec, Huntleys/ Morningstar - but all provide partial data and its not sufficient for a proper discounted cashflow valuation. I include the sort of headings I mean at the bottom of the post.
    Reuters used to provide the data for global stocks but they have just redesigned their website and got rid of all except the financial ratios.

    Options I'm aware of:
    Capital IQ - 10,000 US per year but comes with excel plugin to import in to spreadsheets

    RCH stock market functions from the Yahoo group - superb and free but no Australian fundamental data available

    Financial Times - provides the data for five years but its behind a secure login ie https site which means excel web queries can't access it and scrape the data. I'm looking into a PHP based solution to this.

    9MSN - provides three years of abridged data without enough detail

    I've asked Bloomberg and Reuters for quotes and will post them if I get them.

    I'd appreciate any thoughts on the issue. We seem to be poor cousins of our American friends with respect to data access.

    Examples of headings

    Other Revenue, Total
    Total Revenue
    Cost of Revenue, Total
    Gross Profit
    Selling/General/Admin. Expenses, Total
    Research & Development
    Interest Expense, Net - Operating
    Interest/Investment Income - Operating
    Interest Expense(Income) - Net Operating
    Unusual Expense (Income)
    Other Operating Expenses, Total
    Total Operating Expense
    Operating Income
    Interest Expense, Net Non-Operating
    Interest/Invest Income - Non-Operating
    Interest Income(Exp), Net Non-Operating
    Gain (Loss) on Sale of Assets
    Other, Net
    Net Income Before Taxes
    Provision for Income Taxes
    Net Income After Taxes
    Minority Interest
    Equity In Affiliates
    U.S. GAAP Adjustment
    Net Income Before Extra. Items
    Accounting Change
    Discontinued Operations
    Extraordinary Item
    Tax on Extraordinary Items
    Net Income
    Preferred Dividends
    General Partners' Distributions
    Miscellaneous Earnings Adjustment
    Pro Forma Adjustment
    Interest Adjustment - Primary EPS
    Income Available to Com Excl ExtraOrd
    Income Available to Com Incl ExtraOrd
    Basic Weighted Average Shares
    Basic EPS Excluding Extraordinary Items
    Basic EPS Including Extraordinary Items
    Dilution Adjustment
    Diluted Weighted Average Shares
    Diluted EPS Excluding ExtraOrd Items
    Diluted EPS Including ExtraOrd Items
    DPS - Common Stock Primary Issue
    Gross Dividends - Common Stock
    Total Special Items
    Normalized Income Before Taxes
    Effect of Special Items on Income Taxes
    Inc Tax Ex Impact of Sp Items
    Normalized Income After Taxes
    Normalized Inc. Avail to Com.
    Basic Normalized EPS
    Diluted Normalized EPS

    Balance Sheet
    Cash & Equivalents
    Short Term Investments
    Cash and Short Term Investments
    Accounts Receivable - Trade, Net
    Notes Receivable - Short Term
    Receivables - Other
    Total Receivables, Net
    Total Inventory
    Prepaid Expenses
    Other Current Assets, Total
    Total Current Assets
    Property/Plant/Equipment, Total - Gross
    Accumulated Depreciation, Total
    Property/Plant/Equipment, Total - Net
    Goodwill, Net
    Intangibles, Net
    Long Term Investments
    Note Receivable - Long Term
    Other Long Term Assets, Total
    Other Assets, Total
    Total Assets
    Accounts Payable
    Accrued Expenses
    Notes Payable/Short Term Debt
    Current Port. of LT Debt/Capital Leases
    Other Current liabilities, Total
    Total Current Liabilities
    Long Term Debt
    Capital Lease Obligations
    Total Long Term Debt
    Total Debt
    Deferred Income Tax
    Minority Interest
    Other Liabilities, Total
    Total Liabilities
    Redeemable Preferred Stock, Total
    Preferred Stock - Non Redeemable, Net
    Common Stock, Total
    Additional Paid-In Capital
    Retained Earnings (Accumulated Deficit)
    Treasury Stock - Common
    ESOP Debt Guarantee
    Unrealized Gain (Loss)
    Other Equity, Total
    Total Equity
    Total Liabilities & Shareholders' Equity
    Shares Outs - Common Stock Primary Issue
    Shares Outstanding - Common Issue 2
    Shares Outstanding - Common Issue 3
    Shares Outstanding - Common Issue 4
    Total Common Shares Outstanding
    Total Preferred Shares Outstanding

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    Default Re: Fundamental data for Australia?

    any luck? I"m looking for the same type of stuff

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    Default Re: Fundamental data for Australia?

    Quote Originally Posted by linelefty View Post
    any luck? I"m looking for the same type of stuff
    None at all I'm afraid. It doesn't exist for Australia for less than 25000 USD which is what Capital IQ charges. Morningstar has an old database which Huntleys used to supply but its expensive at about 10,000 and you need to manage your own relational database.

    I'm hoping things improve with time....


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    Default Re: Fundamental data for Australia?

    Is there anywhere which supplies less comprehensive data which can be directly imported into Excel?

    Things I'm interested in include:
    Free Cash Flow
    Book value

    Even something which just supplies certain ratios would be good.

    Ideally there'd be a solution where this can be accessed from directly within Excel (i.e. don't have to save a CSV or similar file, then manually import).

    Failing that, is there anywhere that offers fundamental data which can be saved in bulk to CSV (or similar) files? E.g. downloading data above for whatever companies are desired (potentially dozens or hundreds).

    hankthornton - I don't need as much data as you (I'm not trying to construct a DCF model); rather, its for quantitative stock screening.

    Most of the numbers I've described above are readily found on the internet, but not necessarily in a bulk-downloadable way. Historical information is much harder to find.

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    Default Re: Fundamental data for Australia?

    Either work for someone with Bloomberg, fork out for it yourself or bloody copy and paste from the annual reports!

    yahoo finance gives you accounting ratios calculated from the last half yearly.
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    Default Re: Fundamental data for Australia?

    Hello to everyone!

    Hankthornton, I have been looking for fundamental data for a while as well and I believe I can get the database very similar to that of FT (in terms of companies covered and fundamentals available for each one). Write me at acohen@gmx.co.uk and we can discuss the details.

    Anyone else interested in such database? My e-mail is above.

    Most of the numbers I've described above are readily found on the internet, but not necessarily in a bulk-downloadable way. Historical information is much harder to find.

    Velocidex, name the sources and I can check if smth can be done

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    Default Re: Fundamental data for Australia?

    I know this is an old thread now but I'm wondering if anyone can tell me if there are any data providers who provide historical EPS and Dividend data for all ASX companies going back at least 10 years? Share price data is relatively easy to come by.

    As per the chain above, it's quiet frustrating that Australia is so far behind the U.S on this front.

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    Default Re: Fundamental data for Australia?

    Quote Originally Posted by Dominover View Post
    I know this is an old thread now but I'm wondering if anyone can tell me if there are any data providers who provide historical EPS and Dividend data for all ASX companies going back at least 10 years? Share price data is relatively easy to come by.

    As per the chain above, it's quiet frustrating that Australia is so far behind the U.S on this front.
    Commsec generates a PDF document on most companies called the "Company wrap" it has 10years worth of data.

    It can be found on the commsec website by going to company research, clicking company info and then clicking on company wrap.

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    Default Re: Fundamental data for Australia?

    Lincoln's Stock Doctor provides the following:

    Profit & Loss
    Total operating revenue
    Interest revenue
    Interest expense
    Net interest revenue
    Provision for doubtful debts
    Net interest revenue less provision for doubtful debts
    Non-interest revenue
    Non-interest expenses
    Tax Expense
    Profit from discontinued operations
    Abnormals pre tax
    Abnormals tax benefit
    NPAT attributable to non-controlling interests
    Preference dividends paid
    NPAT from continuing operations before abnormals attributable to owners of the parent entity
    Abnormals attrib. to non-controlling interests
    NPAT attributable to parent entity
    Diluted weighted no. of ordinary shares (000)
    EPS from continuing op's pre-abnormals (cents)
    Diluted EPS after abnormals (cents)

    Balance Sheet
    Property, plant and equipment
    Programme rights, mastheads and licences
    Earning assets
    Short term money
    Investment securities
    Due from other banks
    Non-earning assets
    Customer acceptances
    Other non-earning assets
    Due to other banks
    Bank acceptances
    Other liabilities
    Share capital
    Preference shares
    Other convertible equity
    Retained profits
    Outside equity
    Other equity

    Cash Flow

    Operating cash flows
    Dividends received
    Interest received
    Interest paid
    Tax paid
    Other operating cash flows
    Investing cash flows
    Purchase of property, plant and equipment
    Other capital expenditure
    Sale of property, plant and equipment
    Purchase of investments
    Sale of investments
    Purchase of subsidiaries
    Sale of subsidiaries
    Loans granted
    Loans repaid
    Other investing cash flows
    Financing cash flows
    Proceeds from issues
    Proceeds from borrowings
    Repayment of borrowings
    Dividends paid
    Other financing cash flows
    Net increase in cash
    Cash at beginning
    Exchange rate adjustments
    Other cash adjustments
    Cash at end

    Company Summary
    Financial Health (Lincoln's proprietary rating)
    EPS ()
    EPS Growth 1 yr (%pa)
    EPS Growth 2 yr (%pa)
    Revenue ($M)
    Adj. Profit Pre Tax ($M)
    Ex Dividend Date
    DPS ()
    Dividend Yield
    Industry Group Ave PE
    Market Cap ($M)
    Fully Paid Ord. Shares (M)
    Average Daily Volume Traded (000)
    Average Daily Value Traded ($000)
    Lincoln Valuation
    Consensus Target
    Consensus Target Updated
    Return (1 yr, incl dividends (%))
    Return (3 yr, incl dividends (%))
    Return (5 yr, incl dividends (%))

    Financial Health Ratios
    These are Lincoln's proprietary financial ratios that make up its financial health model which is the core of its service:

    Profit and Loss
    Balance Sheet
    Cash Flow
    Financial Health (will be one of strong, satisfactory, early warning, marginal, distress).

    All the above is provided as historical as well as current.

    Lincoln don't provide the raw data outside their system because they don't have a license to do so (as you know that costs a lot more money). Their PC software has fantastic filters that allow you to filter based on all these fundamentals as well as technical criteria. The whole service is moving onto a web based service, and I am not as familiar with the web based application - I don't know where they have got to with filtering on the web application. Their focus on the web application appears to be much more around portfolio construction and management tools for investors. The should have a free or low cost trial available.

    [edit] Just checked out the stock filter in the web based application and it has the ability to filter based on most relevant financial criteria as well as other useful criteria.

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    Default Re: Fundamental data for Australia?

    ASX IQ used to provide fundamental data each quarter or so - http://asxiq.com/blog/asx-listed-sha...ta-6-dec-2013/ . At one point it was free and then it was pay what you choose.

    Unfortunately, they seemed to have stopped or are charging a quarterly fee now - difficult to tell as the posts are all quite old.

    Does anyone else have knowledge of where you can get free or cheap quaterly data (in .csv)?

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