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    I've just been reading about an update on the arson attack that gutted Gardenvale railway station yesterday (http://www.theage.com.au/national/te...1207-kd3x.html). The station was over 100 years old and the fire caused around $100,000 damage.

    Who should be responsible for the damage bill? The teenagers or the parents of the teenagers? Certainly not Connex / Metro / tax-payers! If an adult (anyone over 18) had done this, they would have been jailed for arson (up to 8 years).

    When is Generation Zzzz going to wake up that they are not a law unto themselves and that they need to earn respect to be respected. I'm sick and tired of hearing about speeding P-platers (and seeing them) wrapping themselves around trees, teenagers and supposedly young adults causing damage to public property and graffiti on public statues.

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    Yeah. Generation X never did anything wrong, did they? Nor did Y, or any of the others.

    Mate, when I was 10 years old, there were still P-Platers cruising around our streets at high speeds. Those folk would've been Generation-X'ers as well. But, again - nah, X'ers were all good little boys and girls.

    Graffiti on statues? Yep, that's definitely unique to Gen Z. Heck, back in the 70s-90s you would never see graffiti or defaced public property. That would have been just unheard of! The kids were all too busy playing with their Rubiks cubes, or games of scrabble with mom and pop.

    Get a grip, pal.

    P.S. - Although I do find their behaviour appalling. It is their behaviour - not the behaviour of all Generation Z'ers.
    The answers to our future are often found in the past.
    Choices are the waves that roll against us.

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    As a citzen in my low 20s, it must be stressed that these idiots are the minority, not the majority...

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