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    Default Are there any Bill McLaren students out there?

    Hi all

    I was wondering if anyone has studied Bill Mclaren and who is currently adopting his discretionary method to the markets or some version of it?

    I have found his education to be quite good and have been successful enough so far, to warrant continuing with it.

    The only downer is that I dont know anyone else who has gone down Bill Mclaren's path so i have no-one to share ideas with or ask questions to.

    It would be great if there were others out there who may be able to answer some of my specific questions I have about what I have learnt so far from his body of work.

    (I am hoping I am not breaching any rules by mentioning names or seemingly advocating an educator. I have absolutely no ties to Bill whatsoever, i just want to learn whatever else i can from others who have gone down that path)

    Thanks for reading
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