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    Hey guys,

    Half way through William O'Neils book "How to Make Money in the Stock Market" and am under the realization that the NAB's online brokerage system is ill-equipped to get the statistics I require. Is there a service similiar to investors.com for the Australian Market?


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    I'm not familiar with investors.com. What sort of statistics do you want?


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    Some things i have picked up from the book and investors.com thus far:
    - Log-Scale weekly graphs
    - Quarterly Earnings Reports (investors.com even seperates those companies into categories "UP" and "DOWN" respectively)
    - Annual Growth Rates
    - Earnings Stability
    - EPS (Earnings Per Share) Rating (this may be exclusive to investors.com)

    I'm sure there are more that are covered in the book, but these are some that I have extracted thus far. If there are any more features I need, the chances are they would already be included if those statistics above are available.

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