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    Tradecision is not mentioned often in share trading forums and this may be because of the cost and small number of users. Words such as neural networks, genetic algorithms and artificial intelligence is what caught my attention as this could be the system testing edge that typical system testers lack.

    Some brief function highlights and a link to the FAQ page.

    Trading Systems Development
    # Developing and testing trading systems that are based on neural networks and technical indicators;
    # Using genetic algorithms for fast and efficient trading system optimization;
    * Strategy Builder;
    * Simulation Manager;
    * Improvian Language;
    * Function Builder;
    * DLL Manager;
    * Portfolio testing;
    * Comprehensive reports and graphs.
    Data Management
    # Data Manager with free end-of-day data downloader (Yahoo & MSN);
    # Streaming data: eSignal, IQfeed, Interactive Brokers
    # Import from alternate data vendor into Data Manager
    Advanced Charting
    # Charts in the line, bar or candlestick styles;
    # Trend-lines, Fibonacci, Gann, Pitchforks, figures and other drawing tools;
    # Tradecision does not provide an ability to work with Point & Figure Charts.
    Analytical Studies and Indicators
    # More than 10 analytical studies, including Noise Removal, Ingenious Moving Average, trends analysis, patterns, Fibonacci clusters;
    # Hurst Exponent;
    # The most popular indicators, including RSI, %R, MACD, OBV, Stochastics and more;
    # Custom Indicators and Custom Studies;
    # Jurik Research's tools;
    # Custom Time Series.
    Money Management
    # Point-and-click money management editor;
    # Stop-loss, trailing stop and profit target rules;
    # Optimal F, Kelly, Fixed Fractional Trades and Williams formulas;
    # Custom Formula for Position Size.
    Intraday Trading
    # All techniques in real time;
    # Custom minute charts;
    # eSignal, IQfeed, Interactive Brokers data support;
    Elliott Waves Analysis
    # Automatic wave identification;
    # Automatic corrections identification;
    # Custom wave definition for experts.
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    Does anyone have it? Certainly an interesting concept.


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