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    Default MTPredictor 6.5 - IB as live data feed

    I have recently discovered that you can setup AmiBroker to show live charts using data from IB TWS.

    I'm doing some reading (and I've emailed the guys at MTP) to see if you can use IB live data as the data feed for MTPredictor.

    I am thinking about getting MTP; but will be bugeered if it then means I need to pay $100s a month for a live feed from eSignal or DTN IQ.


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    Default Re: MTPredictor 6.5 - IB as live data feed

    The current beta test version of MTPredictor will feed RT from NinjaTrader, Tradestation and of course eSignal.

    The set up files are now available in the members area of MTPredictor.

    I haven't set it up, its currently a beta being tested and was just updated last night.
    My understanding is that you just direct your IB (or any) data into NinjaTrader and MTPredictor will read from there.

    The support people at MTPredictor are never far away if you need them.
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    Default Re: MTPredictor

    Hello MTPredictor technicians,

    I know there is a proprietary Elliot Wave code (which appears to be better than the "interpretations" I see on various forums) but what I am interested in is creating a similar code to Decision Point Indicator. All I would like to know is a basic idea to get me started on how it is created in MTPredictor please.
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