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    Further to what Wayne has said to you I would like to add:

    1) The titles of threads should not contain terms like "serious earning opportunity". Just the stock name or ASX code will do.

    2) We do not have stock 'Recommendations' at ASF. People are entitled to present their case for a stock but nobody is allowed to 'recommend' anything. Feel free to tell us why you think a stock is undervalued or why you believe the price is going to go up... but lets leave the 'recommendations' to the brokers and licensed financial advisors.

    Please keep this in mind when you start another thread.


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    I'd just like to point out there has been a recent uptake in stake of this stock by MBL, but they seem to have traded it off for CBA. So im not sure how the rest of you take this, but I say its worth a look at more closely.

    Currently trading at 1.18(previous day close). Seems to have quite a bit of support at the moment, with unusually large volume levels for a company of this size. If I was to consider buying, no higher than 1.16 would I enter this.

    Happy trading, and do some more research so I know what other people think!,
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