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    Hats off to Megan representing MCI's STAR TRADER software.

    I was begining to wonder why they hadn't called me lately. They usually ring me up to hassell me at least twice a month.

    Today the charming Megan called me. It appears that Megan is unable to understand the meaning of the word NO.

    After politely explaining to Megan that I was not interested in this software
    at any price she called me a loser and hung up.

    What a first class act MCI is.

    Hey Megan, wonder who the REAL loser is?


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    bwhahahaha, geez they're on to it aint they....I too was receiving at least a phone call once a week, the last offer they had was $3000 up front, and the remaining $5,900 once you pass $30,000 for 12 months. Oh and they gave me a special pass so I could see a demo online... it was exciting let me tell you! Maybe if I hold off long enough I'll get the software for what its really worth


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    Hi Pastor,

    I was taken back by the parting comment from Megan. Imagine being married to it?

    Just goes to show the true colours of this company MCI

    Way back in the early 90's and old friend of mine parted with $2000.00AUS
    for a horse racing program. It turned out to be a scam.

    Wonder why all these scammers and losers seem to be based in Queensland?


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