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    Angry Why invest?

    why invest in companys such as st barbara i have had a small parcel for 30 years i paid 20 cents a share and today they are worth .36 cents not much of a capital gains .st barbara has spent more than my shares are worth by sending me out brochures, proxy voting forms etc and they have a cheek to give the ceo a ridiculous amount of free shares , what about the investors if it wasnt for us the company wouldnt be where it is today

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    Well then dont invest. Put your money in a bank account if you dont understand, or like, how the system works

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    If you are really cynical, as I'm inclined to be when it comes to investing and trading, I think it is prudent to assume that the CEO of a company has to be perceived to be acting in the interests of the shareholders.

    Why did your CEO get the free shares?

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