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    Default The media doesn't like uncertainty

    Just a pet peeve.

    Whenever a study from somewhere comes out the media outlets all say "this causes this........", "this is up by this.....", with absolutely no regard for the uncertainty in the data they are talking about - it drives me crazy.

    The latest one is the US unemployment data "...showed 190,000 jobs were lost during the month". If you look on the US labor department site, on their release you get.

    "BLS analyses are generally conducted at the 90-percent level
    of confidence. For example, the confidence interval for the monthly
    change in total employment from the household survey is on
    the order of plus or minus 430,000"

    So basically with a 90% confidence we can say that the change in unemployment was somewhere between -240,000 and 620,000 jobs. Not anywhere near as clear cut when said like that is it.

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    Default Re: The media doesn't like uncertainty

    People don't like uncertainly, either.

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    Many using the figures for various stories don't look at the full released article. Many have no idea how to properly use the information. As long as it gets sales...

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    Complexity doesn't sell especially in an era where people can check the news 24/7 so there needs to be a headline every 6 hours. The headline new unemployment figures released sells a lot less than 430,000 newly unemployed.

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