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    Default Oops... gotta concentrate!

    Noticed a stock the other night that had only traded for five or six days, every day being nicely up on the previous. Thought I'd try jumping on before the momentum ran out.

    Highest bid was 5.8 cents, lowest offer 6 cents. Put in a buy order at 5.9 which got filled with two trades - the only trades all day.

    Reviewing the stock later, I suddenly noticed something: the last trade (before mine) was on 6th July, the one before that on 30th June, the one before that on 17th June.

    Talk about thinly traded... sheesh!

    Gotta remember to look at them dates before I buy.


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    Default Re: Oops... gotta concentrate!

    Sorry, but on reading that I laughed.
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    Hmm... turns out the problem is with float.com.au's data.

    After downloading yesterday's prices, I found there was no entry for this stock. So I went to another site and downloaded the last five years worth of data for just this stock and hey presto... regular trading!


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