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    Hi everyone

    I have searched the net and looked for books on exactly whata market maker does and what effect they have on the price of a share. I have also tryed to find anything that has the title "secrets of a market maker" but havent found anything.

    I have found tiny descriptions of a market maker in various books; but nothing exhaustive or written by a market maker themselves or the influence they have on the market prices of shares.

    I would be very interested to hear from anyone who knows the subject.

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    in Australia we dont have market makers for shares

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    so is there an equivalent and if so how is it handled?

    And thanks for the info.

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    Try this link to an earlier posting about a day in the life of a market maker.


    Basically it seems that they are there to provide liquidity in the market and to keep things flowing. They take calculated risks in taking in orders to make a market, ie they set the prices according to their risk graphs. There are also automated market makers too.

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